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Commonly asked Questions

More and More people are wanting to learn about the processes and mechanics behind the food they eat. Below are some answers to common question we are asked. Read below or if you would like other information not provided, feel free to message us through the chat box!

Is Cloverleaf Organic?

We are not Organic. The main reason we do not do organic is because we believe in the health and longevity of our registered heard. We only treat our cows when necessary after all other natural remedies fail. If we do treat with antibiotics, the milk is dumped for an extended period to insure there is no trace antibiotic in it.

If we were to go organic, any cow treated with antibiotics would not be able to stay on the dairy. We believe in treating our cows as if they are family and some have lived until the age of 18. We believe our practices are beyond organic in the way we care for our animals. 

When are our cows grass-fed?

We have our cows on our pasture when weather permits. So they are grass-fed during the spring, summer, and fall. During the winter they eat a balanced diet of corn, triticale, and minerals. We do not do organic feed but we do grow our own hay and corn. We insure they get the highest quality feed and shelter throughout the winter months when grass is not available. 

Do we ship our products?

Presently we only have a license to distribute within the state of Idaho. We also do not offer home delivery. Check out our locations tab to see where you can find Cloverleaf products!

How do I book a tour of the dairy?

Tours must be booked a minimum of 1 week in advance. We don't offer tours in the winter months or when the weather is bad. You can contact us below in regards to booking a tour.

Where is your allergen information?

You can find the allergen information for each product under the Cloverleaf Products tab.

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