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From Farm

We take pride in our dairy farm. We have been in business since the 1950s and heavily focus on cow comfort. Our cows are grass fed, registered holsteins, and we consider them a part of our family.


to Creamery

We pick up milk from our dairy and then transport it to our Creamery in Buhl, Idaho. We then use our milk to make delicious hand mixed ice cream, fresh milk, and even yogurt, cream, and half and half.

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to  You!

Once our product is perfect, we transport it to Twin Falls, Boise, Sun Valley, Pocatello, and to our
Farm Market store.
So many people make it possible for our dairy products to reach you.
Thank you for supporting our
Farm-to-Table vision!



Where Tradition Meets Quality

CloverLeaf Creamery, nestled in the scenic landscapes of Idaho, is more than just a dairy farm and creamery – it's a labor of love, a commitment to quality, and a legacy of sustainable farming. As a family-owned business, we take pride in our role as responsible stewards of the land and caregivers of our cherished cows. Our primary focus is to provide our community with the freshest and finest dairy products, from our lush pastures to the premium care we extend to our registered Holsteins. Sustainability is at our core, and our dairy delights reflect our dedication to cow comfort and our strong connection to family values. With each scoop of our delicious ice cream, sip of our pure milk, or spoonful of our creamy yogurt, we share not just our products, but also our passion for farming and commitment to the highest standards of quality.


CloverLeaf Buhl

This is our original location, nestled in the heart of Buhl Idaho. Here, you'll find our production facility where we craft our high-quality dairy products, including milk, ice cream, yogurt, and more. The Buhl location is where the magic happens, where we turn our farm-fresh milk into your favorite dairy delights.

Still Life

CloverLeaf Twin Falls

Our second location, the CloverLeaf Farm Market in Twin Falls, is a vibrant hub of community activity. It's more than just a store; it's a place where you can find all your CloverLeaf products and enjoy a cafe, ice cream shop, live music events, wine tastings, and a wide selection of grocery items from local Idaho businesses. It's a space designed to enhance your shopping experience and create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere for all our customers.

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Cloverleaf Creamery has a history built around a love of farming and a close connection with family.

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