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From Farm

We take pride in our dairy farm. We have been in business since the 1950s and heavily focus on cow comfort. Our cows are grass fed, registered holsteins, and we consider them a part of our family.


to Creamery

We pick up milk from our dairy and then transport it to our Creamery in Buhl, Idaho. We then use our milk to make delicious hand mixed ice cream, fresh milk, and even yogurt, cream, and half and half.

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to  You!

Once our product is perfect, we transport it to Twin Falls, Boise, Sun Valley, Pocatello, and to our
Farm Market store.
So many people make it possible for our dairy products to reach you.
Thank you for supporting our
Farm-to-Table vision!


What is Cloverleaf?

Cloverleaf is a true farm-to-table Creamery. The original store is  located in Buhl Idaho where we make and sell our dairy products. We also have our Farm Market Store in Twin Falls that sells our products and local Idaho products.

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What is Cloverleaf Farm Market?

Our Farm Market Store was created to serve the public in a different way. We decided to expand our reach and make it easier for you to find your favorite Idaho products. At this location we have all our Cloverleaf products, coffee, food, beer, wine, and we even host live music and wine tastings.


We're serving the gem state by serving the best of the Gem State

We've found some of the best products in Idaho - we love them, and we think you will too. Our vendors and partners all share our same vision, values, and mission - to provide Idaho with the best products possible and support local businesses.

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Cloverleaf Creamery and Cloverleaf Farm Market have a history that are built around a love of farming and a close connection with family.

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