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Cloverleaf Creamery and Cloverleaf Farm Market have a history that are built around a love of farming and a close connection with family.


The founders of Cloverleaf Dairy are Bill and Donna Stoltzfus, who started dairying in 1973. Bill was born and raised in the Pennsylvania Dutch country of Lancaster, PA, on a dairy farm. When he was 20, he purchased his childhood farm from his father and started the business. Consistent with the culture in this area, Bill held deep beliefs about farming practices which included high standards of care – small herd numbers, grazing the cattle on grass as a primary source of feed, and managing the farm with careful attention to detail and respect for animals.  

In 1992, Bill and Donna sold the multi-generation Pennsylvania farm and moved with their three children – Olivia, Lauren, and Eric – to Buhl, Idaho. Through the 90s and early 2000’s a growing number of dairy consumers expressed interest in buying local, grass-fed dairy products as they did “back in the day”. So, in 2007, Bill and Donna purchased Smith’s Dairy in Buhl with the intent to sell their products directly to the consumer as opposed to the open market. Bill’s right-hand-man was his son-in-law, Eric Butterworth (married to Olivia). Together they tackled the uphill battle of the daily work of the dairy farm and the remodel and upstart of the business in Buhl.

The business quickly grew, and son Eric Stoltzfus joined the team early on with the primary responsibility of managing the processing facility. With Eric in place the group focused on purchasing and starting up a 160-acre farm to grow feed for the dairy cows in an effort to fully ensure a local, quality feed system for the business.


Cloverleaf products stand out not only as local, grass-fed, fresh dairy products but are also recognized for the minimal pasteurization and homogenization of their products. The intent is to provide the consumer with the freshest, most natural milk with minimal processing. Cloverleaf soon became a staple in Boise/Meridian and Sun Valley. Local companies such as Albertsons, Boise Coop, and Atkinsons Markets became lead customers. As popularity grew various locations in Twin Falls, Burley, Rupert and Pocatello began to sell the products. In 2021 Cloverleaf Farm Market, owned and operated by Eric and Olivia Butterworth, opened. It carries our Cloverleaf products and local, Idaho products from small farms and small business.


Our passion for high-quality grass-fed dairy products has continually pushed us to take the next step and provide Idahoans with the best dairy products in Idaho. When you buy Cloverleaf, you are buying from small business and small farmers in Idaho who truly care about what they do – and that matters. Supporting Local is what we aim to do for years to come!

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